Designer Andreas Varotsos and Verfo Lab company at Salone del Mobile.Milano – 2017

The collaboration of a renowned company with an internationally acclaimed designer only positive comments and indisputable recognition could be attributed.

The Greek company Verfo Lab participated at Salone del Mobile 2017 exhibition, presenting a special collection of seats that sparked the visitors and professionals interest.

A new series of seats created by the design department of the company and in collaboration with the award-winning and talented designer Andreas Varotsos. Armchairs that promote, with their special design, the greek hospitality spirit and the moments of personal relaxation or socialism that we all seek in our everyday life.

Inspiration and manufacturing excellence ensured Verfo Lab a truly dynamic presence in Milan.

Verfo Lab by George Ververidis

Andreas Varotsos’ crucial experience and his penetrative aspect at design are a guarantee for objects that are distinguishable for their unique forms and the ability to create a special style in every space.

Fold: The armchair with the innovative folding system for easy transport and an result that features the beauty of the clean lines.

Drops: Curve for full back support and elaborate base legs for a distinct style in the decoration of the room.

Cone: Geometric excellence and circular detail give off relaxation and elegance.

Vintage: Strict lines with retro references and a modern approach to an armchair that successfully claims its presence in classy or minimal scenes.

Hawk: Original design that achieves comfort and warmth.

Minos: With influences from the ancient cretan tradition, it has a design ideal for business and lounges.

Verfo Design Team

The creative department of the company never stops experimenting and producing new designs. Andreas Varotsos artwork upgraded further the final product.

Candy: Curves with a refreshed pop mood.

Pharaon: Classy and stylish, with double pillows that put softness in the center.

Nova: High-standard comfort with aerodynamic design that gains a leading role both in a living room and in the lounge of an urban hotel.

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